Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 1 K13 Beserta JawabanPart-6

Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 1 K13  Beserta Jawaban Part-6 merupakan lanjutan soal pilihan ganda B. Inggris kelas 11 semester satu kurikulum 2013 Part-5 (soal nomor 41-50) dengan materi/bab yang sama, yaitu tentang Analytical exposition dan Passive Voice. Berikut, soal b. Inggris kurtilas kelas xi bagian ke-6 dimulai dari soal nomor 51.

( Baca juga materi yang sama dalam bentuk essai/uraian: Contoh Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 1 K13 Beserta Jawaban Part-3 )

The following text is for number 51 to 55

Nuclear power is the controlled use of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is energy in uranium that can be released by nuclear reaction in a machine is called a nuclear reactor. This energy is made into electricity, which can be used to power machine and heat home. 14% of the world’s electricity came from nuclear power. But, the use of nuclear power cause some hazard.
There are three separate sources of hazard in the process of supplying energy by nuclear power. First, the radioactive material must travel from its place of manufacture at the power station. Although the power stations themselves are solidly built, the containers used for the transport of the materials are not. There the normally only two methods of transport available, namely road or rail. Unfortunately, both of these involve close contact with the general public, since the routes are sure to pass near, or even thought, heavily populated areas.
Next, there is the problem of waste. All nuclear power station produced wastes that in most cases will remain radioactive for thousands of years. It is impossible to make these wastes non-radioactive, and so they must be stored in one of the inconvenient ways that scientist have invited. For example they may be buried under ground, or dropped into abandoned mines, or sunk in the sea. However, these methods do not solve the problem, since an earthquake could easily crack the containers open.
Finally, there is the problem of accidental exposure due to a leak or an explosion at the power station. As with the other two hazards, this is not every likely, so it does not provide a serious objection to the nuclear program. Nevertheless, it can happen.
Separately, these there types of risks are not a great cause for concern. On the whole though, the probability of disaster is still high.

51. The text above is about….
a. The disadvantages of a nuclear power.
b. The legend of nuclear.
c. The writer’s experience when he worked in the nuclear plant.
d. Discussion about the advantages of nuclear power.
e. How to make a nuclear plant.
Jawaban: a

52. The text above is included into….
a. analytical exposition
b. hortatory exposition
c. narrative
d. recount
e. discussion
Jawaban: a

53. There are …. arguments provided in the text above.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5
Jawaban: c

54. The second argument discusses about ….
a. The waste of nuclear power.
b. Nuclear power that faces disaster.
c. How to transport the nuclear energy.
d. How to make a nuclear plant.
e. How to stop a nuclear plant.
Jawaban: a

55. On the whole though, the probability of disaster is still high
The synonym of the underlined word above is….
a. all
b. nothing
c. several
d. parts
e. good
Jawaban: a

The following text is for number 56 to 60.

Integrated Pest Management

There is no best way to ideal with pests in agriculture. Pesticides which are commonly used may cause many problems. I think combining different management operation is the most effective way to controls pests.
Firstly, the chemicals in the pesticides my build up as residues in the environment and in the soil which absorbs the chemical. This reduces the quality of farm product.
Secondly, pests can gradually become resistant to pesticides. This means that newer and stronger ones have to be developed.
Lastly, some pesticides affect non target plants and animals such as fish and bees. This affects the ecology and environment as well.
So, understanding of ecology of an area helps a lot in pest control. Pesticides should be chosen and applied carefully so that they don’t affect the ecological balance and environment.
Therefore, integrated pest management is a safe and more affective option to fight pest in agriculture and livestock.

56. Which of the following is not directly affected by pesticides used?
a. Plants.
b. Ecology.
c. Animals.
d. environment.
e. Human Beings.
Jawaban: b

57. What can you say about paragraph two and four?
a. The fourth paragraph supports the idea stated in paragraph two.
b. Both paragraph tell about the disadvantages of using pesticides.
c. Both paragraphs tell about how pesticides affect the quality of farm products.
d. The statement in paragraph is contrary to the statement in paragraph four.
e. The second paragraph tells about the effects of using pesticides on animals mentioned in paragraph four.
Jawaban: b

58. One of the disadvantages of using chemical pesticides is….
a. killing fish and bees.
b. increasing crops productivity.
c. creating balanced ecosystem.
d. causing the pets to become inactive
e. helping reduce pollutants in the environment.
Jawaban: d

59. “Secondly, pest can gradually become resistant to pesticides.” (paragraph 3)
The word resistant in the sentence above means….
a. weak
b. fragile
c. damage
d. unaffected
e. unbalanced
Jawaban: d

60. The text above can be included in….
a. hortatory exposition
b. analytical exposition
c. report
d. explanation
e. narrative
Jawaban: b

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